The SN DECO Group believes in developing in measure with our customers. By providing customized innovations and resources, we construct together spaces that we call home.

We know that this is a mutual commitment and we therefore firmly believe in the sincerity of our dialogue, as well as in open and reliable solutions; in continuous exchange and adaptation to something new.

We believe that the future of any business is directly proportional to the added value it yields for its customers. Therefore, we are constantly renewing and improving ourselves since the beginning in 1991.


The story begins in Seica Mica (Kleinschelken), where family Draser produced Transylvanian Nugat and other sweets, according to Saxon recipes.

“The company Siebenbürgisches Nugat was founded in 1991 by my father. At that time, sweets and sodas were produced in Seica Mica (Kleinschelken).

There were 30 employees, mostly Siebenbürger Saxons, employed. With most of the Saxons emigrated to Germany, the company suddenly lacked staff members and unfortunately the profile of the company changed.

I would like to produce Nugat even today, but there are no employees left who still know the original recipes!” says Uwe Draser, Managing Director of the SN DECO Group.

“In 1996, I moved back to Romania with my wife and we started importing carpets, opening our first store in Copsa Mica (Kleinkopisch), this was our new beginning!”


After a few years Siebenbürgisches Nugat already had customers all over Romania and the Draser family decided to develop the company.

“In 2000, the first commercial agents were hired, Mr. Popa and eight other employees helped us a lot. 

2001 – 2002 we planned to do an expansion of the business activities. So we started to import curtains and curtain rods. 

But why should we only import the final products if we could also produce them in Romania?

Thus, in 2003, our own production began. This was a good idea as we now have over 400 employees in the SN DECO Group, “says Uwe Draser.